Happy New Year!

Frozen lake in Märste

Juhu! This new year started with some very strange things, so I thought I could also join the blog battle and provide the world with useless information about my life.

After many years of being abroad, I spent New Year’s Eve at home. No, I did not go to Brussels and after seeing some of the photos on Facebook I am glad I didn’t – cold and crowdy. And I suffer enough from retarded leadership based on hierachy, so… maybe not.

On Jan 1 I decided to be a bit spontaneous and booked a flight to Stockholm for Jan 2 and visited Anni and her two brainless cats. 

For two days we enjoyed a clear sky at about -15°C and took long walks on a frozen lake. My goodness, I never saw so much ice!! Most of the evenings we spent like mon Dieu… Seigneur… je souffre… asleep.  Luckily I could gather enough energy to operate my camera because I guess I won’t get to take such beautiful pictures until I leave this country (e.g. Germany) again.


So what did I learn about the Swedish? They eat a lot of hot dogs. Everywhere. They go skating on the lake and afterwards they make BBQ and eat hot dogs. At -15°C. Probably, they ain’t got no other worries.

The Swedish are very joyful people. I mean except for all those depressed because of the dark or frozen to death.  They like dancing around trees. Like on Jan 6. They dance around the Christmas tree and sing silly songs about frogs and priests who can’t drive cars and pigs and elefants. And people who wash their cloths. Hm… eh, maybe not. And because next Christmas is so far away, the take another tree in summer and dance around it singing the same songs..
But thanks to Froggy, I could adapt: Du är för mig som ett julträd utan barr som är en appelsin och klär på sig pyjamas i vintern när det är kallt… or as Lucy would put it: Du bist für misch wie eine Weihnachtsbaum ohne die Nadeln, die ein Apfelsine isst und sisch im Winter die Schlafanzüg anzieht weil es ist kalt…

Bon… it is well possible that this is my last post for the next six months. Or eight. But I hope not. Subscribe to the RSS feed to make sure!



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4 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. welcome on wordpress, good choice!
    “useless information” <– yeah, giv’it to me baby / press it!

    only two days and my cab from baltic sea will fetch me up… I’ll be bakk

  2. Lissy

    hallo !!!! Schöner blog mit umso schöneren Bildern. Hübsches Madel!!!! Aber leider alles auf english, wie wärs mit ner french version 🙂 Liebste grüße die cousinie

  3. holllaaannd

    ur starting to look like a woman dear:)

  4. Cousine Julia

    hab mich auch über die französische Nachricht gefreut. Da hast du aber lieb an meine Schwester gedacht, die nicht so gerne über englische Sätze nachdenkt 🙂
    Schöne Bilder kann man bewundern. Viel Spaß im neune Jahr!
    Grüße aus Heidelberg, Julia

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