Gaming through the ages

I can not more.. I break together.. I have arm.. and tomorrow I will have even more arm…

“A healthy 29-year-old medical resident awoke one Sunday morning with intense pain in the right shoulder…”

I know a 29-year-old medicine student who might wake up tomorrow with intense pain the the right shoulder… but we’ll come to that later.

Let’s start in the beginning. This would be in 1988, when LucasArts published the graphical adventure game Zak McKracken. Yesterday evening, my cohabitee (haha, that sounds like we’re living in a zoo here 😀 alright, my flatmate) introduced me to this game and we spent two and a half hours playing. I must confess I was a bit unfamiliar with this kind of game where you have to do all things that you can actually not imagine in order to complete.
The game used a sound system which is nearly extincted today (I guess) – these great sound speakers, actually all you need to run a PC game. Interesting, I never got a headache with these when I was young.

That evening reminded me a lot of my first computer games running on DOS, like Commander Keen and Whacky Wheels (Mr. Stein, we still have a race to do there!). But the very first one I had was a game called “Sternchen” on a computer that had a size of about half a cubic meter wiht a light green/dark green screen. There where little stars you could “shoot” by hitting space. Very exciting.

Unfortunately, almost at the end of the game, we made a little mistake which made it impossible to finish. But I think for me it would have been totally impossible to get there in the first place…

So today, we looked at how people play 20 years later (on a console though) and I was introduced to Rayman’s Raving Rabbits, a game to play on Nintendo’s Wii. Sounds improved a bit, but they still seem to be created by numbnuts. Nevertheless, we connected a neat sound machine and greatly enjoyed almost two hours (no possibility for anyone of us to continue after that…) of screaming rabbits, screaming people, and waving white plastic sticks around.

In 2007, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article beginning with the quote I posted above. The medical resident turned out to suffer from acute Wiiitis – pain resulting from too much waving of the Wii Remote.
I am quite sure my friends and I will terribly suffer from this tomorrow. I feel like my right arm will fall off every second (you can’t image the enegry it takes to write this entry…) and while brushing my teeth tonight I had to hold the tooth brush with both hands… but it was great fun anyway!

I do not want to comment on any possible relationships between the psychic condition of this rabbit and the players.

 With respect to the victims and their families, no photos of persons suffering from Wiiitis or taking any action that may cause it will be published here.

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