Darth Vader in the Dungeon

Totalitarian System Photo

»Let’s call him Darth Vader. That makes him more human.«

No, I’m not talking about Saddam, like Karl Zéro in Being W. But dictatorship is already close. Very close.

Having to deal with Darth Vader, we also come across the Imperator. Well I guess it’s a whole bunch of Imperator guys, maybe not that ugly, but Darth Vader sucks up to them the same way. I just doubt there will ever be this scene when Vader takes his Master and throws him off his space station.

At the moment, Lord Vader is busy. He’s building his new Death Star. A Star that won’t shine, because noone who brings light to this Star will be left. And Vader just wears this ugly black outfit, disguising what’s inside. Not very resplendent. A Star which will be truely dead, for all the Luke Skywalkers will have be have been ostracized. Hm, let’s say internal excommunication due to non-compliance on leadership principals. History and prensent, fiction and reality show many examples of similar Stars. Maybe the places for Princess Lea, the good soul, Chewy, the odd job guy, and Obi Wan, the reasonable and sympathic deciple of Yoda, will remain.

But I don’t want to draw too many parallels to Star Wars. After all, I never saw the third part of the story so I don’t know what it was that made Anakin transform into Darth Vader. And the comparison becomes a bit odd when it comes to the point of the dark and the light side of the force, and because in George Lucas’ story the Death Star would never have been built in the name of Yoda.


When I left Lamba, I had a little good bye presend for Anni. It was a copy of George Orwell’s 1984. It would work. It would be so easy. Maybe not the thought controll thing. But it would work, as long as people have fear.

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