Monday Bread

Now, not everyone will understand this, but some will…

On Thursday I felt it again. After such a long time. I took a bite of the baguette and it was there, wondful feeling – thanks God, it’s Monday!
In the working and stuyding world, of course, Mondays are cursed. But not in Taizé. Not only becuase the most tiring day of the week is finally over. There’s another little thing that makes this day special: The “bad bakery” does not deliver, thus El Abiodh is supplied with the “Lechêne”-bread, something you can actually eat without wishing for a salvation-package of the Breadlab-Bakers. So I want to use this moment to greet all those who enjoyed Monday bread with me.

And talking about Taizé, I had another thought. I heard about quite some people who wrote some kind of thesis about things going on the Hill, like ecumenicalism or music. We should publish a compendium on scientific Taizé research (and it would be probably be called “Élargir” 😉 ). So here I’ll start with my (German) article on language in Taizé, Implementation of acquired French.

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