Norma, the Bug

Okay, now comes a little tribute to a woman that has brought so much joy to my life over the last weeks (with the help of Mr Rossini I must admit). I’m enthralled by that voice, that face, that expression — I admire the eloquence which brings out the brilliance of this language — I stare at my screen in awe…

I never heard of Norma until I started reading Joyce’s blog — I think back in Giessen I will continue to raid the public library — but I had great fun ready the photo story of Austrian bugs in Italian opera. Continue, please!

By the way – I had my debut standing in front of a bunch of people alone and singing, without any sound reason, just for the sake of it. And hey, there were about 50 guys!!! With sacred music this would have been called “ausgeprägtes Sendungsbewusstsein”, I guess. But it wasn’t in church — it was during a course on hygiene for the kitchen workers here, kind of artistic interlude 😀

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