I think maybe it’s a bit too early for you…

It is pretty much exactly five years ago – it was the time of autumn support singer auditions. I knew I would have to sing there. Sister Anne took me to the French courrier, just before midday prayer. I did the first song but after messing up the canon she said the redeeming words: I think maybe it’s a bit too early for you. Three more months to think about daring, thank God.

And now there is Schrati and Christina singing together! In a first time recording experience with many unexpected difficulties (yes, also the iMac can crash!! Just like the iRack and the iRan…) and thousand interesting things to explore and develop.

But what kind of change made me sit in the support singer’s spot in church? The next audition came three months later. Sister Christina made me find the right tone in Da pacem and appointed me support singer. This time I was happy about it. Not because I wanted it so badly – far from that – but because someone believed in me more than I did. And basically that is how everything else came into existence and development. Some things keeping coming back, like the question of what I am afraid of (Agnes, it has always been an honor!). But but I got out of French Courrier!

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