And what is your major malfunction?

The brain works in mysterious ways. When we see parts of a familiar figure, we can recognize it and see the whole of it because the brain will complete the missing parts. Happens all the time.

Now I just listened to one of the pieces of music that have touched and moved me the most, one of my very favorites – Voi che sapete from Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro. Karaoke version, no vocals, just orchestra. And there it is – there is a voice singing in my head and I start listening to something that is physically not existing. Fein!

And writing this post in English I come about another another mystery: Normally, I use a German typeset on my keyboard – of course! – having QWERTZ and YXCVB. Fine with that. But as soon as I start writing in English, I need to change. Writing in English, I need QWERTY and ZXCVB. And be it just one sentence in a German text. I don’t get it. It started in the Taize Email room, there we had a QWERTY keyboard and one day a got sick of writing all German email with umlaut so I used German typeset for German and English for English. I guess none of you suffers from similar problems (yeah, big suffering…), but with Alt+Shift it’s just part of a second to the solution.

French keyboard sucks though.

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