Soundtrack 2010

I had a very conventional idea this evening: collecting all the wonderful music that has inspired, questioned, supported, and challenged me over that last twelve months and composing my soundtrack for 2010.

It all startet in January with a piece of Italian music, the first one I got to sing and it captivated me right from the beginning.

Carissimi: Vittoria, Vittoria mio core (unfortunately I didn’t find the Bartoli recording on youtube

The next thing that messed up my mind was of course Cherubino and Pamela Helen Stephen’s interpretation of this fascinating role. I still go crazy when he’s about to kiss the lady…

Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro. Non so piu and Voi che sapete

One of the greatest moment was the Otello concert in June. I love Verdi, and I loved that whole project… never to forget!

Verdi: Otello. Fuoco di gioia

During holidays I discovered the most beautiful Joyce DiDonato while searching for a Una voce recording. Once again, a mezzo had gripped me, once again I read through the article on diva worsphip by Terry Castle and I had to smile once in a while…

Rossini: Una voce poco fa (Joyce DiDonato)

Since things had not always been decided that rationally I was happy to come of the next piece – I finally got the formerly new album of Madsen and its best song: Goodbye Logik.

Fall was time of Chichester Psalms and Mendelssohn’s Lobgesang. Another ravashing concert! After two hours of being caressed by the orchestra I had to shed a tear when I heard the beautiful soprano solo ‘die Nacht ist vergangen’…

Berstein: Chichester Psalms, 1st Movement

Mendelssohn: Lobgesang. Stricke des Todes, Die Nacht ist vergangen

As I wrote recently, Carmen hit on the way to Christmas, bringing back wonderful memorie of the Lisbon Meeting 2004/05 – even though the two things don’t really relate to each other…

Bizet: Carmen. Habanera

The Carmen thing however was interrupted by Christmas and, of course, the Christmas Oratorio. A lesson I learned by coincidence: No benchmarking in singing.

Bach: Weihnachtsoratorium. Bereite dich, Zion

I think that’s it for this year. I am curious what is going to come next!

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