Yet another episode of this story

The Big Bang Theory, S02E15, The Maternal Capacitance

Leonard (entering on the phone): I’m really very busy. Is there any way that we can put this off until I have more time to prepare? Of course. But, uh, you understand my trepidation.

Penny: What’s that about?

Howard: Not a clue.

Leonard: Can’t we just postpone it till the spring? Maybe next summer?

Sheldon: This should be fairly easy to deduce. He’s holding the phone to his left ear. Ears do not cross hemispheres, so he’s using the analytical rather than the emotional side of the brain, suggesting that he has no personal relationship with the caller.

Leonard: No, I didn’t realize it had been so long. Sure, I guess there’s no other choice but to just go ahead and do it.

Sheldon: He’s referring to an activity he has done before. It’s unpleasant and needs to be repeated. This suggests some sort of invasive medical test, like perhaps a colonoscopy.

Leonard: Aren’t there any other options? There’s not a lot of room, it’s gonna be uncomfortable.

Sheldon: Yes, yes. Yeah, I’m definitely going with colonoscopy.

Leonard: Okay, bye.  — My mother’s coming to visit.

Howard: How about that, you were right.

Thoughts and (virutal) hugs do support when suffering from trepidation. This I say full of graditude.

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