Ego te appsolvo

Every now and then, there’s the impression that the Catholic Church regards technical progress (or progress as such) as an evil that has befallen Earth. Electronic offertories might have proven this theory wrong, and now comes this, in the new updated version: the iConfession. The iTunes stores offers “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” for $ 1.99 and thus a whole new world of opportunities – labled “nihil obstat” (harmless) by the church.

Read the German review by

After creating a password-secured account by revealing name, birth date, sex, martial status and the date of the last confestion (“female” and “priest” not possible), the modern sinner can examine their conscience accorting to the Ten Commandments and chose from a selection of committed sins. Among these, reportedly, the classical, reliable paths to hell: homosexuality, wearing of obscene cloths, masturbation, premarital sex, use of condoms, abortion. Let’s remember: nihil obstat.

While the average customer rating reaches four out of five stars, one customer review reflects the aparent need of development in the technology of iConfesssion:

Totally useless – I have downloaded the app but no absolution is included!!
Aparently God is an idiot.

Appsolution needed here, I guess. And as the auther of the German review points out – the iConfession is performed on the cell phone of a company whose name is the biblical symbol for sin.

2 thoughts on “Ego te appsolvo

  1. Maciej Biłas

    And what’s your take on that matter? I understand being ironic about the confession app. It makes me wonder how confession itself fits in to a world of today. Or the Roman Catholic Church as an institution fitting into the, call it, /World 2.0/.

    One thing needs noting here. The Hebrew text from Genesis never mentions that the fruit is an apple, so in the strict sense the symbol is not biblical, but, yes, carried over in the Christian tradition.

    1. I believe that the possibilities of an institution like the Church, be it Roman Catholic or anything else, are somewhat limited in the “World 2.0”, not because they would reject it, but because in my opinion, the basic “feature” of church is found in personal relationships and interactions which can not be substituted by a computer. In fact, I find this idea kind of absurd and that’s where my irony about the confession app comes from.
      Basically, I quoted/translated a German article on the app, that’s where the apple reference comes from, but as I believe you’re right I would go for calling it a somewhat Christian symbol of sin. I haven’t tried the app myself, but if the article is right on the kind of sins one can confesss with this app, I can hardly respond to this conservative idea with anything else than sarcasm and irony, because I find no way to support them for myself.

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