This afternoon I was amused by a question stated in a blog post (“Intermezzo” – what a lovely pun!):

What’s the difference between Joyce DiDonato and Katherine Jenkins? Apart from obvious stuff like one can sing Una voce poco fa and one can’t, that is?

After seeing the videos, this was even obvious to me… (and yes, I know, I couldn’t do any better, but that’s why I go to the cellar for Una voce and not on youtube…)

Just like DiDonato singing Una voce, I love the title of her latest recording – Diva~Divo. While googling Ruggiero and Cherubino I came across another blog where the Diva~Divo theme is put into lovely category titles (and I admit my plagiarism on that):

Hot mezzos in pants  |  Hot mezzos in skirts

And Anik LaChev, the blogger, proves that dispite all privacy concerns, there are good reasons to enable google search for blogs – great examination of the “gay google treatment” for opera singers! More of this you can find in episode 2 and the latest analysis.

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