Lord, how lovely are your apartments

very (!!) green EMSOC T-shirts, but it's great that they are everywhere!

Today was day six (rehearsal day five!) of EMSOC 2011. The European Medical Students Orchestra and Choir are in Giessen to perform Brahm’s A German Requiem and Mahler’s 10th Symphony. The newspaper reports about the project daily. They write about EMSOC visiting the brewery, the international dinner, the day trip to Cologne – and, by the way, that the concerts will be on Sunday evening (20h, Stadttheater Gießen!!!). Somehow the missed what we are all here for in the first place: doing music.

Yeah, everyone has too meet the famous places in our beautiful city.

The choir first came together on Saturday with many of us having never sung the piece before. And we didn’t have the best start – the répétiteur turned out not to be able to really play the score. But we could fix that pretty soon. Monday, we didn’t have the key to the hall, so our beloved chorus master Anna-Katharina Kalmbach (Stimmfach?^^) did her vitalizing warm up on the parking lot in the sun. Some people might have wondered… But apart from that everything went really fine. With lots of enthusiasm and great talent Anna-Katharina did a marvelous job preparing us for the huge orchestra conducted by UMD Stefan Ottersbach. I can still hardly believe how we (or at least me) came from zero to orchestra rehearsal in six days. Now there’s more sound in the hall than it can take, it’s getting loud, really loud, and then there is this feeling again – no words, just big eyes and an open mouth…

Since we are an international group, there were some efforts to translate the text of the requiem. The nicest one I found is: Lord, how lovely are your apartments. (Herr, wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen).

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