Thank you, EMSOC!!

I can imagine at some desks across Europe there are similar scenes today and tomorrow: EMSOC musicians returning home, switching on their computers, and looking for the others on Facebook, hoping to see each other again next year in Croatia.

The European Medical (and some other) Students’ Orchestra and Choir

We played our last concert in Giessen yesterday evening, last time Mahler, last time Brahms. I think there were some almost wet eyes when the people rose from their seats to give credit not only for this wonderful concert but also the magic that was behind it, the committment each and every one did. There was a bunch of wonderful people and in fact, it would have taken another week to get to know all of them.

Our beloved maestro and chorus master

But I am grateful for the week we could spend together! We laughed about German-English language confusion like “second violence, please play in bar 156….” or “so after sex (18h), get dressed and come to church”, we mocked the orchestra tuning with our throat-relaxing brrrrrr excercise, we found out that some clichés are just true (not everyone would point out that Norway can be seen as an extension of the Appalache mountains, from a plate tectonic point of view), we worked hard on pronouncing German correctly (Preisund must be right next to Strahlsund), we enjoyed (!) lunches in the canteeen….

Great thanks goes out to the organization team!

So, whenever you count to nine, turn on the Pavarotti mode, when you hear of violence, think of strings, when you climb stairs, remember the Cologne Cathedral, when you wonder about your next holidays, book a flight to Croatia for EMSOC 2012. Thanks for a touching week!

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