White shirts

A break cannot be caught. Yesterday, I had a look at my rss feed reader and in the first article displayed, a question was proposed: What’s the No. 1 opera that allows a White Shirt mezzo to have their hands all over generally not just one, but two sopranos?

The Giessen production of Figaro provides a similar scene: Cherubino in a white shirt with rolled-up sleves.

The same we had with Ariodante in Baden-Baden:

What is it about the white shirts and rolled up sleeves? I’m curious about how they will dress Joyce as Octavian. And I will find out in less than two weeks!!

(@Aniklachev: feel free to post this picture if you like!)

One thought on “White shirts

  1. Anik LaChev

    thanks, Schrati, will do! (next WSM slot is already booked, but gladly the one afterwards)

    Nice call on Gießen, too – cute Cherubino!

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