Sun, fun, and Mendelssohn

I thought about writing a very pathetic text about how great EMSOC was, the people, the music, the beach, but I decided to keep up the telegram style I used during the project.

EMSOC 2012 in Rijeka: Sun, fun, and Mendelssohn. Alright, and Mozart and Sorkočević.

Corrections for the choir – not too Prussian. Hard work between German and not too German!

Program for the Choir: Mendelssohn’s Die Erste Walpurgisnacht. Tough pronunciation for the non-Germans, but a great piece of music. Kauz und Eule, heul in unser Rundgeheule!
The choir’s secret: the magic hands.
The orchestra’s secret: the ability of playing despite massive hangover.
The EMSOC’s secret: doing music with great passion. even regardless of physical conditions.

EMSC Rehearsal room on the Kampus. Preparing for the concert climate conditions.

Temperature in the choir rehearsal room: minimum 28°C.
AC in rehearsal room: existing, but hardly making any difference.
Preferred rehearsing time: 21h at the beach.
Real rehearsing time: when it’s too warm.
View from the rehearsal room: Adriatic Sea. Can’t beat that.
Memory of the above that will last: Adriatic Sea. Plus a joyful, talented, and enthusiastic choir master!

Now without any context: What is this about? (Photo: Reinhard Hofmann)

Best warming up exercise: “blablabla” from the warming up program “Daily Routine at EMSOC”, part “After lunch, there’s announcements
Most difficult warming up exercise: wrawrewriwrawru.
Gayest voice section: guess.
Best joke: The men rehearse the Christian scene in which they are supposed to be awe-stricken by the pagans. But the men’s choir is not terrified at all, so the lovely chorus master tries to scare them away. Next day she says: I tried to be a monster, but it didn’t work.

Coolest person in the EMSOC T-Shirt: Maestro Mladen Tarbuk
Secret dream of Mladen Tarbuk: opera director. Feel free to call for a European Medical Students’ Opera!
The Maestro’s special discipline: “the Mozart Quick Start”
Thank you, Mr. Tarbuk, for joining the project!

Happy Meal on the beautiful Island of Cres

Croatian currency: 10 kn = 10 knots
Most knots spent for: super delicious ice cream at Café Corso.
Croatian for beginners (musicians): Mozartovic.
Most impressive Croation food experience: schnitzel / nugget sandwich.
Most common Croation food experience: Coffee and gelato. Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.
Most impressive international food variation: the Malaysian interpretation of Croatian breakfast – bread with jam, chocolate cream, cheese, and pâté.
Best English-German mix: I used to play the horn but now I play the, eh, Fagott, the, eh, bassoon.
  – So you are a horny faggot.

Most confusing food offer: Viagra Pancake (Palacinke)

Best words in the worst moment: There is nothing more beautiful than waiting at the Rijeka harbor at 8 o’clock on a Sunday morning, eating a piece of dry white bread.

Rijeka beaches: Concrete is not the most comfortable surface to sleep on, but the azure sea is to die for.

Most beautiful landscape during EMSOC: Plitvicka Jezera.

Best day trip: Mon Dieu! I was so much in love with Winnetou when I was six! Thank you so much for taking me to the shooting location of Der Schatz im Silbersee (Blago u srebnom jezeru)!! Plitvice is amazing!

This is where Winnetou found the treasure..
No Walpurgisnacht allowed in Plitvice!
Island of Rab – City tour before the concert

Also best day trip: Medieval towns and guided town tours in the Mediterranean sun after lunch can be boring and horrible. Except when it’s on the Island of Rab! Loved it!

String warm up for the Rab concert in ocean blue EMSOC T-Shirts

Concert location in Rab: An open air arena. Fresh 30°C after sunset. There is more space per person in a Ryan Air plane than in the EMSOC choir during the Rab concert. But the medieval surroundings are magnificent.
Concert location in Rijeka: The Rijeka Cultural Sauna Center. Challenging 38°C on stage. Less space per person than in Rab.
Concerts: Really, really good!
Croatian soloists for the Walpurgisnacht: Bravi! Very, very beautiful voices! Thank you for singing so many rehearsals with us!

See you next year!

The EMSOC’s second secret: internationality and open-mindedness.

EMSOC 2012 Team: HVALA!!!

How to get over the post-EMSOC depression: watching pictures and planning the trip to Szeged for EMSOC 2013. All the best for the new organization team!

3 thoughts on “Sun, fun, and Mendelssohn

  1. I scream, you scream, we scream… Best words in the worst moment… Mozartovic… No Walpurgisnacht allowed in Plitvice… Winnetou… Gayest voice section…
    Wie geil ist das denn alles?!?!?!
    Danke Christina!

  2. vielen herzlichen Dank für deine zahlreichen Beträge für den Post! 🙂 hach, das ist doch immer das schönste, wenn andere Freude an meinem Humor haben!

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