Studentski Dom

In a drawer of my desk I just found two little photographs that had been lost since a couple of years. They were taken on a non-digital camera and I printed them in the little photo lab we used to have in my former appartment on 7*11 cm paper.

They were taken in a student dorm in Zagreb where we stayed for ten days for the European Meeting in 2006. The students were to see their families for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and left their rooms for us to sleep. Among their stuff on their desks were condoms (and I have to: ce n’est pas monastique!), the other photo shows the view of another building across the street.

May the condom be with you


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3 responses to “Studentski Dom

  1. jan

    i really miss the lab…

  2. KRZ beats lab. leider.

  3. Ce très, très vieux 😉
    Und dann dieser “Save Our Souls”-Look.. macht bestimmt schlank. Würd ich glatt testen, ob man damit die Force oder Oberhand behält 😀

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