Love and hate in the grandest fashion

»One of the main reasons I love opera is that it gives a platform for the largest emotions and the deepest sentiments and this opportunity for an audience member to come into the theater or put on their stereo system and escape from the everyday life via these characters that are larger than life. […] This world of theater and drama and these women who are powerful and potent and sensual and vulnerable and fragile, they are everything that makes up a really terrifying and wonderful woman, they come in and they give us this excuse to love and hate and have jealousy and rage and vengeance and joy in the grandest, biggest fashion.« — Joyce DiDonato on the Drama Queens

Sometimes it’s an escape from daily life (Una voce poco fa), sometimes it puts your head back into the right place (that Carmen bitch), sometimes it makes you feel even more pain (Lasciami piangere), sometimes it just is daily life (Piangerò la sorte mia).

Evidently, dramatic people like to suffer. They find a lot of good company in the world of opera. But the loving and joyfuls ones will not be left alone either.

Drama Queens - Joyce DiDonato in Baden-Baden Nov 3, 2012
Joyce DiDonato on the Drama Queens Tour

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