Loud and soft in the grandest fashion

Is it good “requiem etiquette” to play an encore? The Sanctus? Arguable. But if you had a look into the first row, you saw a soloist who had been highly concentrated for two hours smiling like a child, for the whole encore. In a way, that rendered the question mute.

Another Verdi concert, another love story. I fell in love with the drum. The quivering of the stage. The Maestro’s punching. The Lacrymosa. The joy. The forte and the piano of a marvelous composition that was brought alive by about 300 women and men.

Some people say they don’t like to go to requiem concerts because of the dark and grave atmosphere. This music is profound, indeed. It is to be performed with devotion and respect to the decedents and the celebration of Mass. But the music surpasses this. To perform it is a most vibrant act, a celebration for the living.

Everyone on stage should strive to perform at their best, but what matters in the end is what really touched us and made us feel alive. This music is revolutionary! I can only agree on that with Joyce DiDonato. In performing this music, we invite you to go through all these emotions, we offer the soul a ground to play on. All you need to do is to be open for whatever reaches you.

So cry! Cheer! Smile! Suffer! Be child-like! Marvel! Sleep! Tap your feet! Be revolutionary!

Just turn off your electronic and wireless world for a moment and face the unamplified, the purity of the human voice and instrumental play – in its softest piano and most tremendous power (both of which Verdi worked out masterfully).

Is it good requiem etiquette to applaud cautiously? To be serious and unsmiling? To perform in a sports arena? To conduct as if you were punching the drummer? To cheer like crazy for the musicians?

It is good etiquette to feel, to be vibrant, to express emotions.

Verdi Requiem at Rittal Arena Wetzar - Gießener Anzeiger Nov 18, 2013
Verdi Requiem at Rittal Arena Wetzar – Gießener Anzeige Nov 18, 2013

Verdi Requiem at Rittal Arena Wetzar - Gießener Anzeige Nov 18, 2013

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