More than a kiss

The other day I went to visit friends, a lovely couple, they made coffee and teased each other. Ultimately, one gave in and she gave her a tender smile and a kiss.

That was a lovely scene. It made me think of the first time I ever saw two women kiss, about one and a half decades ago, on TV. It had thrilled me to see that lesbians might really exist.

The scene at my friends’ touched me, for it let me feel that I am not alone having a – the, of course – world’s most wonderful women in my life. There’s more of us and we are wonderful.

Sadly, we are pretty much missed out in all these romantic Christmas movies. We definitely deserve one.

Anyway – a Merry Christmas to all you queer and gay and straight and whatever people!

Glitter and be gay – wishing you loads of tender smiles and a merry Christmas!

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