Photography for Future

This summer, we went to visit the Carmague, a protected regional parc in the south of France, and we came to the Etang de Vaccarès, the Carmague’s largest lake to watch the famous greater flamingo. Sadly, there were no flamingos to observe on the entire observation route through the lake.

Instead, I shot my ultimate climate change photograph:

Etang de Vaccarès, Carmague, France, 2019

As I post this, I remember I had already shot my ultimate climate change photograph last year – it is way more imperfect (due to snow storm and inability to carry heavy equipment on 5,000 m altitude), but the scene was so much more impressive:

Melting of Pastoruri Glacier ice in Peru, 2018

The glacier has experienced an enormous loss of ice over that last decades and seems to be deemed to irreversable shrinking in the present and future. It is said that about five years ago, the continuously declining number of visitors to the former tropical winter wonder land that was Pastoruri Glacier led the locals to be inventive and promote the day trip as »climate change route«.

Pastoruri Glacier, Peru, 2018

No matter how the route is called (my Spanish was too non-existing to grasp everything the guide said about the local effects of world climate change), everything at Pastoruri was impressive and a call for humility towards nature. But I admit – I was neither Jesus nor Greta, I had taken a flight over the Atlantic before.

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