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Personalisierte Werbung

Spiegel Online schreibt eine schlechte Kritik über den Konstanzer Pädophilie-Tatort heute Abend. Titel: Nachtkrapp. “Der Nachtkrapp geht angeblich des nachts rum und sammelt Kinder ein.” Nebendran die Lufthansa-Werbung mit dem Slogan “Kind geschnappt. Koffer gepackt.” Fein!

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Geographic Creativity

Maciej stated an important question: Is greography really that hard?

Maybe Poland can take revenge from the Dutch at a certain point of the tournament for the designer of this poster:

UEFA Euro Cup in “Poland” and Ukraine 2012

(foto by Jacek Ptaszek as on,111858,11867063,_OD_CZYTELNIKA__Co_jest_nie_tak_z_ta_Polska__Holendrzy.html, thanks Maciej for posting!)

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The Magnifi Cat

The Manificat window in the church of Taizé, I’ve known it for more than a decade. But never before I had someone pointing out a curious detail about it. There’s a an actual cat in the magnificat scene (in the house on the left, probably wondering how to catch that bird on the roof!).

(Thanks for that insight, Andrea!)

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Krieg, wie früher

Am Wochenende wurde ich Zeuge einer kuriosen Szenerie auf dem Schiffenberg. Ich fuhr mit dem Fahrrad an einer Wiese vorbei, auf der sich Menschen eine Schlacht lieferten, wie früher im Krieg, also ganz früher.

Was ich da beobachtete war wohl eine Trainingseinheit in der Disziplin “Reenactment Combat Fighting”, aber vielleicht sollte man das irgendwo auf ein Schild schreiben und daneben stellen. Ich prügel mich in meiner Freizeit ja auch hin und wieder, aber warum man das mit Eisenhelm auf dem Kopf macht, erschließt sich mir nicht so ganz. Da bleibe ich doch bei meinem weißen Kimono mit buntem Gürtel..


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Curiosity collection

The other day I had a look on the picture folder on my mobile phone and I discovered a little collection of things that I had captured to post here, but somehow they never made it. So I present my collection of curiosities now all at once.

"Antiquities Fresh"

My mother's mousepad. I think it first appeared on my brother's desk many years ago.

This I found on a Swiss toilet. It says "The cheapest, most effective and environment-saving air conditioning? Very simple: A match!"

A friend was moving to a new apartment, this we found on top of the fridge.

Extraordinary friends bring extraordinary birthday cakes.

Nap in the park.

The only way to attrackt men to house work seems via appealing to very 'manly' interests.

This woman on the other hand looks a bit over-exited to be credible.

Gallery of Miele build-in automated coffee machines. One day...

"Who smokes also likes good food". Strange assumption.

This was public viewing of the Fifa Women's World Cup. But why they put the washing machines there?

From far away, this looked like an advertisement for the new Wii Washing Machine. I was puzzled for a second.

And this is how the bike stands of elementary schools look like nowadays. Was different when I went to school.


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Eine Ordensschwester steht in der Anmelde-Schlange des Kinderlandes eines Möbelhauses (im Bild etwas genervt in den Abhol-Bereich getreten). Ein seltener, kurioser Anblick.

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Ego te appsolvo

Every now and then, there’s the impression that the Catholic Church regards technical progress (or progress as such) as an evil that has befallen Earth. Electronic offertories might have proven this theory wrong, and now comes this, in the new updated version: the iConfession. The iTunes stores offers “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” for $ 1.99 and thus a whole new world of opportunities – labled “nihil obstat” (harmless) by the church.

Read the German review by

After creating a password-secured account by revealing name, birth date, sex, martial status and the date of the last confestion (“female” and “priest” not possible), the modern sinner can examine their conscience accorting to the Ten Commandments and chose from a selection of committed sins. Among these, reportedly, the classical, reliable paths to hell: homosexuality, wearing of obscene cloths, masturbation, premarital sex, use of condoms, abortion. Let’s remember: nihil obstat.

While the average customer rating reaches four out of five stars, one customer review reflects the aparent need of development in the technology of iConfesssion:

Totally useless – I have downloaded the app but no absolution is included!!
Aparently God is an idiot.

Appsolution needed here, I guess. And as the auther of the German review points out – the iConfession is performed on the cell phone of a company whose name is the biblical symbol for sin.


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