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»My cousin’s also a heterosexual, but she’s really nice!«

Coming out has come to be a part of my life. Being a vegetarian, a survivor, a lovely nerd, and a lesbian there are many opportunities to come out.

When I told a dear friend of mine that I had a crush on a girl, he invited me on a  tour to the »gay sights« of the city and he gave me a little gift: a package of tissues in rainbow colors. Being slightly ashamed of so much rainbow presence, I dug it deeply in a box. That was ten years ago.

Last week, I was looking for a pride accessory to wear for a sports event. I found that package of tissues which had waited to be taken out of that box for about ten years. And I realized what my friend had said to me: You’re great being gay!

Over the years I met a lot of people who gave me to understand that they were fine with me being gay. That they still liked me.

Honestly: I wish to be loved for what I am. Not despite of what I am.

The more precious encouters are those with people who say – I like you exactly for being gay, for being everything that makes you the person you are. Those, who encourage to discover and to live all the colors that are placed within one’s self.

After all – many of my best friends are straight. And that’s part of what makes them such loveable persons.

Stop homophobia

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